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How to choose the right Travel Trailers for sale Saskatchewan | Sellers RV

How to Choose a Travel Trailer if you are in Saskatchewan

Welcome to Sellers RV! We are a multi-generational family RV Dealer based in beautiful Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and we’re proud to serve the great people of this area with the best new RV trailers from Jayco and Coachmen. At Sellers RV we feel it’s especially important that if you’re located in the Alberta or Saskatoon areas, that you buy from a reputable Saskatoon RV dealer with years of experience. RV dealers in Saskatchewan have an intimate knowledge of the top camping areas in the region, and this will help the RV Dealer you choose to work with help you to choose the perfect RV for your needs.

As well as ensuring you choose the right Saskatchewan RV dealer, you should also consider some other factors in your RV decision. Sellers RV specializes in towables, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today; for the first timers, a towable is just as it sounds, an RV that can be towed behind a primary vehicle. In this category, you’ll find a range of different travel trailer styles, as well as fifth wheels, which are a type of RV trailer that can only be towed by a pickup truck. So, before making your decision, we’ve listed some of the most common things to be borne in mind before coming to a decision on your new RV trailer, read on to discover more!

Is this your first RV?

We occasionally come across people looking to buy an RV on a whim, and that’s perfectly OK. However, you need to bear in mind that RV ownership is more than simply hitching up and driving off. There are preparations to be made and maintenance to be performed. If this is to be your first RV, we do recommend starting smaller. In addition to easier maintenance, you’ll also have an easier time towing it. Starting small will also give you a chance to get your feet wet in the wonderful world of the RV lifestyle; if you learn that you love it, you can always trade in and upsize!

What’s your idea of a perfect camping vacation?

What is it that you love to do when you head out with your RV? Are you packing up the whole family? Are you a solo adventurer? Whatever it is you love to do, you should consider this in your choice of RV. Different models and styles have a huge variety of features, options, storage space, and amenities; travel trailers can be found in many forms, some are extremely basic, in fact little more than a tent, while some are ultra luxurious palaces on wheels! Consider each of these carefully, and how they fit into your idea of a great vacation before making your choice!

Which style of travel trailer would suit you best?

Especially if you’re new to the RV lifestyle, take a minute to think about what you’re looking for. As we already mentioned, there are styles to suit all. Below we’ve highlighted the most common, and who they are best suited to.

Pop Up, or Expandable Trailers:
Pop Ups, sometimes known as tent trailers or expandable trailers are generally RVs in their most basic form. Most often, they feature a vertical pop up tent, mounted on a rigid RV frame, and on occasion, you may find a slide out or horizontal expansion too. They are easy to tow and make a perfect RV for those simply looking for a roof over their heads.

Tear Drop: These RV trailers are named for their teardrop shape; they are small, lightweight, aerodynamic, and super easy to tow. This style is similar to the expandable, or pop up in that it best suits someone only interested in basic features and a roof over their heads, however the advantage it boasts that it does not require rigging of any tents on arrival.

Toy Hauler:
 Toy hauler trailers and RVs are designed specifically for sports enthusiasts; they are equipped with a large garage space (in various sizes) to accommodate everything from canoes to motorcycles and ATVs. You’ll find secure anchor points mounted into the floor to properly secure your sports gear too. These trailers have varying ranges of amenities, some are very basic, with folding bunks and limited kitchen facilities, whereas some are ultra lux, with theater seating, enclosed master bedrooms, and gourmet kitchens.

Travel Trailers: This is a class of RV considered more mainstream, they feature the classic RV shape, and are typically towed via a ball hitch mounted to your vehicle. As with most RVs, they are available with basic facilities, or fully loaded as plush second homes. They are available with multiple slide outs too, dramatically increasing the useable space once you’re at your destination.

Fifth Wheel Trailers: Fifth Wheel Trailers are amongst the largest trailers available. They are towed via a special mount fitted to the bed of a pickup truck, referred to a fifth wheel. By having the mount placed over the bed of a truck, they often have additional second-floor living space in the area above the hitch. Fifth wheels often feature luxurious living arrangements, from full feature bathrooms to gourmet kitchens and en suite master bedrooms.

Once you’ve figured out which style of RV would best suit your needs, next you should start to determine what kind of features you really need, which you’re OK either way with, and those that are just not important at all to you; after all, you’ve chosen your RV style, but there’s still a lot of choosing left to do! This can impact the price significantly too.

Is it important that your trailer is brand new, or is pre-owned OK?

This is an especially important decision to make; at Sellers RV we sell both new and pre-owned RV trailers, and there are advantages to be had with either choice. Obviously, if you have your heart set on brand new Saskatoon trailers, with that ‘new RV smell’, then your mind is probably made up. Another advantage of a new trailer re the customization options, you can order direct from the factory with the exact specification you want, meaning no searching around for add ons. Finally, you’ll get the benefit of the factory warranty. If pre-owned is an option for you, you will obviously benefit from a lower sticker price, and if you look for the right Saskatoon RV dealers you’ll find that you can pick up a unit with most or even all of the features you’re looking for.

Do I need to upgrade my vehicle just to tow it?

This is another big question – don’t get your heart set on a top of the line, 3 slideout fifth wheel if you own a compact hatchback and have no intention on an upgrade to at least a 3 quarter ton truck! Most RVs, pop up and teardrop included, will require at least a full-size sedan to tow. When you move into the travel trailer and toy hauler territory you’ll need a full-size SUV or a half ton truck for sure, and if you’re seeing yourself with a fifth wheel, a pickup truck is absolutely essential. If you already own a truck, then the world is your oyster, but if your choice of RV would require a vehicle upgrade, think long and hard before making your decision.

Sellers RV has been in business for 40 years; our customer service, attention to detail, and top product selection is what’s kept us operating for four decades. Whether you’re an existing customer, transitioning from another RV dealer, or considering a first RV purchase, we’d be thrilled to meet you!

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