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Renting an RV

Love at first sight?

As in matters of the heart, it’s a big leap from infatuation to living together in a committed relationship. 

So too when it comes to RVing. As a first date, so to speak, you might want to consider renting a vehicle to see if that flutter of infatuation has the potential to bloom into an enduring  passion that prompts you to make that long term financial commitment of a purchase. 

Subsequent dates, in other words, additional rental experiences, might be necessary before you can decide the best type of vehicle to buy.

More than a fling?

At the very least, renting can help make clear two things: 1) your level (or lack of) enjoyment of RV experience and 2) the type of vehicle that best satisfies your demands at this stage in your life (because that can change too).

Voted most popular

Statistically, 25 ft. Class C motorhomes with equipped kitchens, baths and bedrooms (in other words, nothing to pack) are the rental of choice, which is not a stretch to understand why. All you need to do is bring some clothes and drive. Renting one will run you $1,500 – $2,000/week. 

A similarly sized and equipped travel trailer is another popular choice, but you will need a ½ ton truck to tow it. Figure $1,000 – $1,500/week for this option, plus whatever associated costs for the tow vehicle.

Your RV Care dealer is there to help

Contact your local RV Care dealer for sage advice on rentals and all things RV.

Find one.

Rental Checklist

Renting an RV is not unlike renting a car, but there are differences. Below is a list of the steps in the rental process and questions to ask:

  1. You will rent your vehicle from an RV dealership. They’ll show you the choices, explain the rental agreement, cost and your responsibilities. Make sure you read the agreement.
  2. The type of vehicle you may want to rent may depend on the kind or trip you’re planning to take, i.e., a weekend getaway vs. a season long cross country adventure. For your maiden voyage, you may want to consider a campground or an RV park with RV hookups, instead of a remote location. The dealer can assist you in the hookup process, plus there is no shortage of videos on YouTube. 
  3. Your dealer may require that you reserve at least a month in advance of your departure date, so plan ahead. Ask about their cancellation policies.
  4. You will be required to leave a deposit. Find out the conditions that must be satisfied to get it back.
  5. Ask about convenience packages, such as kitchenware and bedding supplies.
  6. Ask about any extra fees, i.e., cleaning costs, and if so, what you need to do to avoid them. 
  7. Most rentals come with insurance, but ask your broker if adding supplemental insurance is advisable.
  8. Is there a mileage limit during the rental period and, if so, how much per extra mile?
  9. Ask about gas refilling policy when returning the vehicle.
  10. What is the return time? What is considered a late return? Cost of a late return?
  11. Are pets allowed?
  12. Who to contact in case of a problem or breakdown?

Your first RV adventure awaits and choosing to rent is perhaps the best way to be introduced to the experience, so enjoy! You may very well find that it becomes a passion of a lifetime.

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