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What you should be looking for in an RV Dealer – Sellers RV Saskatchewan

What you should be looking for in an RV Dealer

Sellers RV Lloydminster Saskatchewan – What You Should Be Looking For in an RV Dealer.

Hello everyone, welcome to Sellers RV! We’ve been in business since 1979, and we’ve been proud to be your RV Dealer near Saskatoon for 40 years – time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure! As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of family time, and there’s no better way to get in quality time with your loved ones than with a family camping trip. The key, of course, to a successful camping trip, though, is the right RVand finding the right RV Saskatoon, means asking the right questions at your RV dealers in Saskatchewan. RVs are a big investment, and finding that perfect travel trailer or fifth wheel may involve some input from your friendly local RV dealer. So, that’s what we will be talking about in today’s installment of the Sellers RV blog – how to get the perfect RV, by knowing what to look for in an RV dealer!

Find out about the RV dealer’s history in the business

We have already mentioned, but we’d like to reiterate, that Sellers RV has been proudly serving the Llodyminster and Saskatoon Saskatchewan area for 40 years – that’s 4 decades! A small business staying open this long is no accident! A good RV dealer stays in business for a long time by earning the trust of their regular customers and forging a positive reputation by word of mouth from those happy customers. A reputable dealer should be able to tell you the history of their company, and they should be able to answer any questions relating to the company’s history.

A big red flag is an RV dealership that has changed hands frequently or one that even with the same ownership, changes the business name frequently; this can often times be a sign of owners trying to shake a bad reputation! If you research the dealer online, or better yet, you ask questions to RV owning friends, and they’ve had one or more positive experiences with a dealer, this is always a good sign.

How is the RV dealership run?

Business owners are busy people, no doubt, but a business whose owners are accessible to the customer tends to be a trustworthy one. When owners are around the dealership frequently, this helps the sales team with decision making, without the old “I’ll have to ask my boss, they aren’t here right now, though”, play! Present owners care about the experience of their customers and this will definitely reflect in the service you get.

The salesperson should be more interested in getting you in the right RV, not the most expensive one!

It goes without saying, that a great RV dealership will gladly sell you the cheapest RV they have if it’s the right one for your needs based upon discussions with you. If you have modest needs, both in size and amenities, and your RV dealer is pushing a 40’ fifth wheel on you, you’re probably at the wrong dealer. A great RV dealer will take the time to discuss your needs, what style of camping you enjoy, and above all else – they should be asking you questions too; they should want to know whether you’ll be taking it out all year, or strictly in the summer, how many people you tend to travel with, what kind of towing vehicle you have, would you be willing to purchase a more powerful tow vehicle if necessary, where will you be taking it (boondocks or campsites), etc. etc. etc.! Finally, the RV dealership should be ensuring that you aren’t getting out of your depth – you may be able to afford the biggest and best unit but are you prepared for the amount of maintenance and upkeep that goes with it? Lloydminster RV dealers should be keeping you educated on all of these factors as they talk you through the options.

Does the dealer provide on-site service and repair?

Many people equate their RVs to their homes, the big difference is though, your home isn’t subjected to the same wear and tear by being towed over rough and uneven ground, and while homes will crumble if they’re completely neglected, an RV will crumble significantly faster if you’re not taking care of it the way you ought to. Many people choose to take care of their own routine maintenance, and that’s fine – but a top quality RV dealer in Saskatoon will be able to assist you with this too. At Sellers RV of Lloydminster, we happy perform routine and major service jobs for our customers, and we additionally assist with repairs, and the installation of upgrades.

It’s also worth finding out if your RV dealer is part of a nationwide or international service and repair network too. Sellers RV offers free membership to RV Care with the purchase of any RV; this exclusive offer puts you in a family of over 70 nationwide rv dealers across Canada – if you have any issues while you’re out on your travels, all you have to do is locate an RV Care dealer near you, and the 6 step service plan will have you back out at the campsite in no time. If you choose to venture south of the border, RV Care is allied with their US partner network ‘Priority RV Network’, which brings the power of the assistance of over 125 service locations across the country; so, no matter, if you need parts, assistance with repair, or just some advice, purchasing from a dealer connected to a network, is a huge advantage.

Sellers RV is also proud to offer additional service packages, as well as paint and fabric protection packages too – ask one of your Sellers RV sales professionals for more information on these.

Does your RV dealer offer discounts on parts and accessories to those purchase RVs?

The RV lifestyle can become addictive – no matter how bespoke your trailer is, we guarantee you there will always be some new toy or accessory you didn’t think of in the first place, and you’ve just gotta have it! If the dealer at which you buy a used RV or where you buy a new RV can offer you discounts on these upgrades, they’re a keeper! Being able to offer these discounts is a sign that it’s a serious rv dealer with good connections in the industry, big brands don’t want to get into business with shady or fly by night RV dealers that’s for sure! At Sellers RV we proudly offer parts and accessories from the RV Traveler’s Choice brand. These products come with the best warranty in the business, with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase.

Do they offer special event invitations to loyal customers?

Loyalty shouldn’t be overlooked, and that’s why the very best dealers will remain in contact with their customers – if there are special sales events coming up, good dealers will reach out to their valued clients if they feel they have something the customer would be interested in. Especially when discounted stock is limited, getting first consideration on the deals is definitely something you want from a dealer! As an RV Care network dealer, Sellers RV benefits from national sales events provided by RV Care Network, and all registered customers receive a personal invite to the event, too, so they can be absolutely sure they aren’t missing out on the best rv deals out there.

Does the RV dealer have a wide selection of new and pre-owned RVs?

RV Dealers Saskatchewan should have a large stock on site – be cautious of dealers that advertise a large inventory on their websites, only for you to find that they don’t have the model you came to see on site! This is a classic bait and switch – those dealers want you to think you’re going to get a great deal, but then hope they’ll get you on the hook for something more expensive, or of inferior quality to make a quick sale. Reputable RV dealers will keep their website updated regularly with the exact models they have on their lots. Many dealers may even agree to hold (for a reasonable amount of time) a unit that you’re particularly interested in until you can come to see it in person. If the RV dealer sells new units, make sure that they are an authorized dealer. Some RV dealers buy RVs from trade shows, and resell them as new units – and while they are in fact new, they’ve now had 2 names on the title, and they aren’t authorized, so getting any warranty claims completed through that dealer may become a hassle. Sellers RV is proud to be authorized dealers of both Jayco RVs, and Coachmen RVs, two of the biggest names in the business, with some of the biggest selections of luxury travel trailers and fifth wheels in the world.

Does the dealer provide on-site financing?

Many RV dealers in Saskatoon provide RV financing, and this is definitely something to look for. An RV purchase can be a big cash layout, and if you’re not looking to lose liquidity in your finances, spreading the payment of your dream trailer might be a good option. If the dealer you’re considering offers finance, it’s a good idea to ask them more about it – it provides another option outside of cash, credit card, or external bank loan, and you can often end up with better deals because of it! RV dealers work closely with lenders to get the best rates on RV specific loans, and the top RV dealerships will have relationships with the biggest national banks too. If you are considering financing with the dealer beware the hidden fees! Some dealers will sneak additional (and unnecessary) fees into finance applications – increasing your cost and their profits in the meantime, so always ask about this. Sellers RV is proud to let you know that they never tack on documentation or admin fees to finance applications; the finance team at Sellers work their fingers to the bone to get their customers the best deals and best interest rates. Our sales team will do their level best to have you walk away with the RV you want, with payments inside your budget. Sellers RV additionally offer additional loan protection too – as one of our RV finance professionals for more info!

Does the RV dealer accept trade-ins?

For the seasoned RV owners, dealers that accept trade-ins are a must, few people want to own multiple RVs, and typically want to trade in their old units to either upgrade to something bigger or in many cases to downsize. Especially if money is tied up in the old unit, an RV dealer that accepts trade-ins is a must. Sellers RV suggest that you don’t even think about trading elsewhere until you’ve spoken with one of their sales professionals! Sellers currently have a big need for quality used and pre owned RVs like yours, and unlike other dealers, we pay absolute top dollar – call us as soon as possible to get your trade valued, and then we can get you into your next home away from home.

Above all else, trust your gut!

If you arrive at the RV dealership and find that the sales staff are unknowledgeable, unhelpful, and unhappy, chances are your gut is telling you to run a mile, and with good reason. RV ownership is a big commitment, and a dealer that doesn’t pay due regard to this fact is to be avoided at all costs! Trust us when we say this isn’t the reception you’ll get at Sellers! Our amazing sales team are not only knowledgeable, but they’re RV enthusiasts themselves, and they’ll gladly spend as much time as it takes for you to learn what you need to about our products.

So in a nutshell, here are the key points to remember:

  • Does the Dealership have a long history in business?
  • Does the Dealership have a large selection of new and used inventory from brands you recognize?
  • Does the Dealership provide on site service and repair?
  • Does the Dealership take trade-ins?
  • Does the Dealership carry parts and accessories?
  • Does the Dealership offer RV financing?
  • Is the Dealership part of the RV car network?
  • Does the dealership offer extended warranties?

So, there we have it! We truly hope you enjoyed this piece on what to look for in an RV dealer. We make it our business to ensure all of our customers are satisfied, and it was our aim to give you an insight into the critical factors to consider when considering an RV dealer. Whether you’re a life long of second, even third generation customer of Sellers RV, or even if you were just searching online for, ‘RV Dealer near me’ and came across our page, we truly hope that we can help you get into your next RV. We have a great selection of new and used campers for sale Saskatchewan, with great brands like Jayco RV and Coachmen RV. We strongly encourage you to come to see our lot, call ahead to set up an appointment, or just drop by! Summer is around the corner and there’s never been a better time to get into a new or new to you RV!

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