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What’s new in RVs for 2024?

Just as technological innovation has dramatically impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, the world of recreational vehicles is evolving in many important and exciting ways.

Solar Power

Well, it’s not exactly new, but solar power has become an increasingly popular option for RVers who desire greater autonomy and freedom to roam off the beaten path. Solar panel technology has steadily improved and costs are relatively low, but keep in mind, this is one option that will pay for itself! 

Click to explore the RV Traveler’s Choice Overlander 200W charging kit and the flexible 110 W panel which can be installed on the roof of your rig.

Going Electric

Dylan plugged in his guitar in the mid 1960’s and changed music forever by going electric. Now, nearly 60 years later, plugging in our vehicles is as routine as filling up at the pump. Going electric has indeed become a way of life.

It makes sense. Consumers are looking for more energy efficient and greener alternatives in personal transportation, but, as for RV’s, hybrid or electric options are not available quite yet. That’s not to say they’re not on the drawing board. Many of the big names in the industry are already producing concept models. 

Electric Travel Trailers

The good news is that electric travel trailers are already available on the market, both by well-known traditional names and some new players whose previous experience had been in tech, not in recreational vehicle fabrication.

This unorthodox entry into the industry has led to some fresh, out-of-the-box thinking to the design of the travel trailer, the fruits of which are truly innovative.

Below are some of the highlights:

  • Self-propulsion that will make it feel that you are towing nothing 
  • Aerodynamic design that cuts drag over 300%
  • The above two attributes will have a major impact on fuel economy of your gas or diesel powered tow vehicle and permit full driving range of your EV
  • Remote control parking
  • Automatic camp set-up including auto-leveling
  • Automatic hitching – units will automatically align and hitch themselves to the tow vehicle for true fast getaways
  • Integrated solar panels and continuous charging so batteries are always topped off
  • A battery pack so powerful that you could use it as a backup power supply for your home 
  • Zero carbon footprint

Sleek, chic and just plain super cool to look at, this generation of travel trailers will change how we RV in the future.

More broadly speaking, the RV industry is evolving in these important directions.

Green Innovations

Look for more sustainable and eco-friendly features, such as solar panels, advanced insulation, and efficient appliances to reduce the environmental impact of RV travel, plus lightweight materials for construction, including composites and advanced alloys for better fuel economy.

Smart technology

RVs are becoming more technologically advanced, with features like smart climate control, integrated entertainment systems, and remote monitoring through mobile apps. In 2024, we can anticipate even more connectivity and automation, such as self-driving capabilities and advanced safety systems.


Expect to see more customizable RVs with a wider range of interior design choices, exterior finishes, and add-on features and, since space is always at a premium, designers will continue to focus on developing innovative space-saving solutions, multipurpose furniture, and expandable slide-outs for comfortable living spaces within a compact footprint.

The future looks awesome

Acting as a compact dwelling that can move at a moment’s notice, the RV has to perform two important functions. It is therefore inevitable that technological innovation will profoundly impact the industry as both the science of transportation and habitation develop more efficient, greener, and comfortable solutions in their respective fields.  

An amazing, wondrous future in RVing awaits indeed!

Thinking about joining the RV community but are not quite ready to make the investment? 

Check out the various types of RV vehicles.

Also check out how renting an RV might be your best way to test the waters.

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